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To address the threat posed by the Islamic Republic in Iran to America and its allies, FDD conducts detailed research, develops actionable and comprehensive policy options, and appears regularly in media. FDD’s Iran Program covers every angle of the Iran portfolio and includes some of Washington’s top experts on sanctions, illicit finance, nonproliferation, terrorism, human rights, and the regime’s domestic power apparatus.

FDD examines a range of issues include potential pathways to a nuclear weapon, ballistic missile program, support for terrorism and terrorist proxies, illicit financial activities, worldwide media operations, and domestic repression.

FDD’s Iran Program team is led by FDD Chief Executive Mark Dubowitz, who is widely recognized as one of the key influencers in shaping policies to counter the threats from the regime in Iran. FDD’s Iran Program includes fellows and analysts with a range of backgrounds, including intelligence, nuclear nonproliferation and verification, military, cyber, and Farsi language skills.


Expert Testimony

FDD's Iran experts are regularly called to testify before Congress on a range of topics including the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear weapons program, illicit finance issues, sanctions, and Iran-backed global threats.

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FDD's Iran team conducts detailed analysis on a range of threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran

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