Barish Center for Media Integrity

The Barish Center for Media Integrity at FDD addresses the national security threats posed by misinformation campaigns and influence operations waged by foreign adversaries against the United States and allied democracies.

A key part of the Center’s activities is a year-long Media Fellowship for mid-career journalists, social media content creators, and strategic communications professionals. The fellowship provides educational programing and professional development opportunities to help media professionals gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between media, strategic communications, public diplomacy, misinformation, disinformation, and national security. Upon completion of the program, Media Fellows join FDD’s National Security Alumni Network of more than 500 mid-career practitioners.

The Center supports research into how foreign adversaries, both nations and non-state actors, use influence operations to advance their strategic goals. This focus includes both investigative journalism and technical research to identify and examine manipulation campaigns carried out by foreign adversaries. Through this research, the Barish Center for Media Integrity develops specific, actionable recommendations for defending against these national security threats.